Transmission Issues And Your Auto Repair Service

26 December 2019
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Transmission problems can occur at any time, but are more common as your vehicle gets older. A transmission can last more than seven years, and many car owners find that the transmission can last up to 200,000 miles. Good maintenance and prompt attention to transmission problems can help improve the longevity of your transmission and keep you from getting stranded while driving your vehicle. While the transmission warning light is a good indication that you need to bring your car to an auto transmission repair shop, problems changing gears and issues with picking up speed on the highway can mean that you need to have your transmission serviced. Read More 

Taking Care of a Duramax Diesel Engine: Issues to Watch out For

25 November 2019
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The Duramax diesel engine is often chosen because it is reliable and durable. However, all engine models can have potential downsides. You will want to be aware of the potential problems you might face so you can be prepared to take care of your Duramax diesel engine. Overheating When you are using your diesel engine on a hot summer day, you might experience the problem of your engine overheating. Not all motorists experience this, but if you do experience this problem, you will want to take your engine to a mechanic to inspect it. Read More 

Causes And Solutions For Spark Plug Fouling

31 October 2019
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Dirty spark plugs can't function as well as they do when they are clean. Below are some of the reasons for spark plug fouling, and how you can solve the problem. Causes Spark plug fouling has several causes; below are some of the most common. Failed Starting Attempts Failed starting attempts are bad because the engine draws fuel every time you try to start the car. After several failed starting attempts, the fuel may be too much for the spark plug to handle. Read More 

Typical Causes Of Windshield Damage

7 August 2019
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The windshield is part of the safety system of the car. The windshield helps to maintain the structural integrity of the car in a collision and also keeps you inside the car in case of a crash. That is why a damaged windshield requires prompt repair. Here are some of the usual causes of windshield damage. Improper Installation A windshield that doesn't fit properly will vibrate as the car moves, and the vibrations can crack the windshield or cause chips at the edges of the glass. Read More 

3 Reasons Your Car Is Leaking Oil When It Is Parked

13 July 2019
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Changing the oil in your engine is one of the most important car maintenance tasks you can perform on your vehicle. However, if oil is leaking out of your engine, it doesn't matter if you are on top of changing the oil in your engine. Your engine is going to get damaged if you don't constantly top off the oil to your engine, figure out where the leak is coming from, and stop the leak. Read More