Chipped Windshield? Tips For Repairing The Damage On Your Own

12 December 2017
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Were you driving down the freeway when a rock hit your window at high speeds? If so, it may have left a crack or chip in your windshield that now needs to be repaired. The key to dealing with this type of damage is to fix it quickly, or else the damage will expand and get bigger. These tips will help you do it:

Prep the Windshield

You'll want to clean off the windshield using a microfiber towel and some alcohol. Do not pour the alcohol directly onto the crack, since you should be applying it to the microfiber towel first. Simply wipe down the area where the crack occurred to clean the surface.

Alcohol works great for cleaning the glass since it will dry quickly. You can also use glass cleaner, but avoid spraying the cleaner directly onto the glass and spray it onto the towel first.

Use the Repair Kit

Your local auto parts store will have auto glass repair kits that are pretty cheap and easy to use on your own. It should come with all the tools and materials you need to repair the damage.

There should be a circular disk with a hole in the center, with two sticky sides to it. Place this on the windshield, so the hole is in the center of the crack or chip. A plunger will stick on top of the sticky pad, which allows you to apply the resin to the crack. Follow the directions for how much resin to apply to the crack.

Place the syringe into the plunger and pull back on the syringe to remove air from the crack. On the rear side of the windshield, you should see the bubbles coming out from the repair area. Follow the directions for how long you need to let the syringe remove the air. You'll then need to reverse the syringe to put pressure on the crack and push the resin into the hole.

After the recommended time has elapsed, you can pull off the sticky pad on the windshield to reveal the repaired crack. Apply a drop of resin to the crack, and stick the thin piece of plastic to the crack. Flatten out the plastic to remove air bubbles, and let the resin dry by putting your car in direct sunlight. Once the new resin has dried, peel back the plastic to reveal the resin. Use a razor blade to scrape off the excess resin, being careful not to scratch the glass.

While these tips can help you repair a small crack, you may need help with a crack that is much larger. Take your car to an auto glass repair shop for assistance. Contact a company like Capital Collision Center Inc for more information and assistance.