The Differences Among Various Auto Service Shops And Why It's Helpful To Know Them

21 December 2017
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Not all auto service shops are exactly alike. In fact, only general service shops are the same. Other types of auto service shops are nothing like the general service shops or each other. When you need service for your vehicle, it is often hit or miss when you are trying to find a shop that can help you. This is why it is so helpful to know the differences among the options you have where you live, so that you can call the best service shop for your needs.

Dealership Auto Service

This is auto service provided by mechanics in an auto dealership. The dealership has an attached service station that provides service to all leased vehicles, and vehicles that were purchased from that dealership or the brand of cars they sell. If you recently bought a vehicle from a dealership that has an attached service garage, you could take the vehicle there. This is especially helpful if your vehicle is still under warranty. Then whatever services your vehicle needs that are still covered by the warranty are free.

This particular auto service shop also means that you get quality replacement parts from the manufacturer of your vehicle. You can select generic parts, but knowing that you can get original parts for your vehicle helps. This is especially true if you buy an expensive make and model and want to keep everything original to your vehicle.

General Auto Service

These are general service shops. They do just about everything. From engine to wheel work, these service shops cover it all. If your car is too old to be covered by a warranty, or you do not really care about authentic parts, then a general service shop is adequate. You could still request premium and authentic make/model car parts from a general auto service, but such parts are often special order. These shops usually just use what they have on hand. 

Auto Service Specialists

There are two sub-types of auto service specialists. There are those that provide service just for foreign cars, just for expensive luxury cars, just for sports cars, etc.. Then there are the auto specialists that do just tires, just transmissions, just engine rebuilds, etc.. This latter sub-type is akin to you going to a specialist for something wrong with your feet, your heart, or some other specific body part.

The specialists that focus on one type, make, or model of car are helpful to those that have purchased these cars. Sometimes parts for these cars are very limited locally. These specialists have the parts, or know how to get them fast, so that your vehicle is repaired and cared for properly. 

The specialists that focus on one area of the car for repairs are experts when it comes to what they do. Nobody does this or that particular service better than these specialists. For that reason, you might find these very focused auto service shops useful when the only things you want fixed are the things that these specialists focus on and fix.

Body Mechanics Only

These are auto technicians that only repair body work on vehicles. They repair and replace the exterior parts of your vehicle that have been damaged in an accident. They specialize in restoring your vehicle's aesthetics, and rarely work on engines and the like.

Now That You Know...

Now that you know how diversified the auto service business is, you can choose the preferred service shop for your vehicle's needs. Whenever possible and applicable, it is always good to get services completed under warranty from the dealership's mechanics. When that does not apply, each of the other options are reasonable. It is just up to you to decide what your car service preferences are.

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