Signs Your Car May Have A Brake Fluid Leak

24 December 2017
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It is important that your car have plenty of brake fluid. The brake fluid helps to ensure all of the various parts that make up your brake system have the lubrication and moisture they need to properly and smoothly operate. One of the top reasons why your car may not have enough brake fluid is because you have a brake fluid leak. Unfortunately, most people do not know what the signs are of a leak. Here are a few of the signs that your car may have a brake fluid leak. 

You Gas Pedal Goes to the Floor

One of the signs that is indicative of a brake fluid leak in a car is that your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor when you push it. When you go to stop, your brake pedal does not usually go all the way down to the floor. But when the fluid is low, there is less pressure and give in your brake system. As such, the pedal is able to go all the way to the ground when you press it. 

Your Car Takes Longer to Stop

Another sign that the brake fluid in your car may be low is that your car takes longer to stop than it normally does. When the fluid is low, the braking system does not have the lubrication it needs to move quickly and smoothly. As such, it may take longer to come to a stop than it normally does. When you first notice this sign, check your brake fluid level. In some instances, your fluid may simply be low due to regular use. If it is low, refill it. If you notice the problem again in a few days or weeks and notice your fluid is low once again, the fluid is leaking somewhere. 

You Notice an Oily Puddle Under Your Car

The last sign that your car may have a brake fluid leak is seeing the fluid underneath your car. Brake fluid is typically clear or light brown in color. It looks and feels oily and slick. Many people compare it to the look and feel of cooking oil. If you notice this type of fluid underneath your car, you may have a brake fluid leak. 

If you suspect you have a brake fluid leak, it is important to take your car in for brake repair right away. If you continue to drive your car, all of the fluid may leak out and your brakes may not work when you need them to. A mechanic can determine where the fluid is leaking from and replace the line or hose that is leaking, stopping the brake fluid leak.