Have You Missed Some Vehicle Service Appointments? Here Are Some Things To Check On.

27 December 2017
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When life gets hectic, it is often easy to forget that you need to take your car in to be serviced. Servicing is important and works in a similar way to a medical check-up. Regular servicing ensures that any eminent problems are diagnosed before they become too serious. Any problem that becomes serious is likely to cost you to spend out of pocket and more than you intended to. A general rule of thumb would be to take your car to an auto repair or mechanic's shop at least once a year or every 12,000 miles. A working vehicle makes a happy owner, so it is important to keep your vehicle well maintained. A vehicle that is not well maintained can cause you grief. If you missed an appointment with your mechanic, here are some things you should check on.

Oils and Fluids

Oil and fluids are very important. Oils keep the engine running and fluid is important for keeping certain parts lubricated and in some instances, cool. The engine oil is probably the easiest to check for. You just remove the dipstick and wipe it off. When you wipe it off, you put the dipstick back in the engine and look for oil stains. Where the oil stains end could tell you whether or not you need more engine oil. You can also check your coolant. The coolant is responsible for cooling the engine. It is important that you write down the dates of your oil and fuel change so you can determine what needs to be changed and when. An auto repair shop can collect a lot of money from you if you do not check these routine things.


Luckily, you can get a free brake inspection to take care of many brake concerns. Brakes are graded on a points system so that you know just how bad off your brakes are; it's a quick analysis of whether it's worth it to put in some money on brakes safety. 


There are so many things that go into checking your tires and they are all important. Tires carry your vehicle and, if they are not maintained, you can lose your life. When you check your tires, you should check the pressure of the tires. They should not be too hard or too soft. A soft tire could cause you to damage your rim. Tire treads should also be checked. If the tires are too smooth, you need to change them before they become the main cause of an accident. Also, if you do change your tires, get them aligned. Alignment affects the way you control your vehicle. A vehicle that is not properly aligned causes unnecessary and preventable wear to your tires.


In some states, you can actually get a ticket for driving with a broken tail light or without any lights at all. You should test your lights and change any bulbs that are broken or that have blown. Lights to check include your headlights, brake lights, signal lights and reverse lights. Lights are not only important for your visibility but they help other drivers and other pedestrians to protect themselves on the road. Auto repair is very important.