Upgrading Your Car Stereo

28 December 2017
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Most cars come in with a standard in-built stereo. A basic one will have at least a radio and a CD player. If your current car stereo meets all your needs, that's fine. But if you are one of those people that need a little extra something, here's some good news: An upgrade is possible.

USB Port

You may want to listen to music from your iPod or iPhone through your car stereo. For this, you'll need a USB port.

If you do not already have one, get a stereo that has one. You can also get one with a CD player if you do not have one.

Satellite radio

With a Sirius or XM Satellite radio tuner, you can listen to satellite radio. Some stereos come already fitted with satellite radio and all you have to do is add an antenna.

For others, you'll have to find out if you current stereo or the one you intend to purchase has provisions for these. Watch out! Satellite radio comes with monthly or annual subscription fees.


Buy a car stereo with Bluetooth. You will be able to listen to music wirelessly from your device. You will also enjoy the extra benefit of a hands free mobile facility.

Calls will come in through the vehicle's speakers while you will be able to speak through the in-built microphone. This feature is especially convenient for long distance travelers, or people who spend a lot of time on the road.


Speakers are an easy and affordable way of upgrading your car stereo. You can just go for new speakers and fit them on your old stereo. If your budget allows, buy all speakers at a go. If it doesn't, no problem; you can buy a set at a time. Use Component speakers for the front and Coaxial at the rear.

An Amplifier

An amplifier will give your speaker more power and clearer sound. Use a 4 channel amp for the front and rear.


If you are a lover of music and want to add some bass to your output, consider fitting your car stereo with a subwoofer.  Fortunately, these come with in-built amps.

In form of accessories, you may want to add a mat to reduce vibrations from the subwoofer, especially if installed in the trunk.

With a simple upgrade, you can enjoy better quality of music without having to overhaul your car stereo. Fortunately, you can do this piece by piece, according to your budget, with the help of an auto repair specialist, like Frankie & Dylan's Collision.