Auto Transmission Repair Questions You May Have

2 January 2018
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When a car owner discovers that their vehicle is experiencing technical problems, it is important to become informed about the problem your vehicle is experiencing. Unfortunately, many car owners are poorly informed when it concerns issues with the transmission. A faulty transmission can be among the more serious problems that a car can experience, and it is critically important to learn more about this particular threat so that you can respond accordingly.

Are There Any Warning Signs Of A Fluid Leak With Your Transmission?

Fluid leaks can be among the most common problems that a transmission will experience. The fluid that is inside the transmission is responsible for minimizing the amount of friction that is created between the moving parts. When the fluid starts to get low, the transmission can rapidly suffer permanent damage to it that will require extensive repairs. Unfortunately, people often fail to regularly check their transmission fluid levels, and this can put them at risk of allowing this fluid o get too low. In addition to regularly checking the transmission fluid, you should also check the ground beneath your car when the vehicle was parked for long periods of time. This will allow you to notice any stains or puddles from the fluid that may have leaked out of the vehicle.

What Can Be Done To Repair A Leaking Transmission?

Due to the complexity of a modern transmission, you may assume that it will be impossible to find these leaks. Yet, it is possible for a mechanic to locate a leak fairly easily. This is done by pressurizing the transmission. Once it is pressurized, any leaks will become more visible as the fluid may start to leak fairly rapidly. After the mechanic has been able to isolate the location of the leak, they will often find that a faulty seal is a problem, and this will be an easy repair to make. If the leak is due to a puncture in the transmission, it will need to be properly patched to stop the fluid from leaking out.

Is A Repaired Transmission Reliable?

There are some drivers that may assume that their newly repaired transmission will be extremely unreliable. However, a transmission repair that is completed as thoroughly and professionally as possible will be extremely reliable. If you are still concerned about the risk of the repaired transmission experiencing problems, you can opt for a repair service that provides warranty protection for their work. These protections will allow you to return the vehicle to the mechanic for repairs if the transmission fails due to issues covered under the warranty.

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