Three Reasons To Stick With One Dealership For New BMW Repairs

3 January 2018
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Getting your car from a dealership is only the beginning when it comes to forming a relationship with the dealership sales staff and owners. When you need your oil changed and when you need something under the hood checked out, you will need to come back to your dealership. If you purchased a new BMW, you should stick to getting your work done with the dealership that you bought the car from. Here are three reasons to stick with one dealership or any BMW repairs

All of your records are together

Though you may be able to get small work done anywhere, such as tire rotation and oil changes, it is a good idea to continue to go back to the original dealership. The dealership will know the appropriate type and exact amount of oil that will need to be loaded into your system. Having all of your work done will keep all of your records in one system. This means that you will get proper updates when you need to come in for a service. If you choose to sell your car in the future, you will be able to have all of your records printed out. 

The staff will be happy to squeeze you in

Going to a place where you have a long-standing relationship with the staff means that you can get squeezed in for repairs or issues even when there are no available appointments. If the staff know when you are likely to come in, they may make an appointment time for you or make time to see about your car even when they are busy. Long-standing relationships mean that you don't wait long for car repairs or answers to issues. 

Selling your car is easy

If you intend on selling or trading in your vehicle, the dealership performing all of your repairs can be in your favor. If you wish to sell the car privately, you can get the records of your car's upkeep directly from your dealership. Having all paperwork directly from the BMW dealership will make the person you sell the car to feel better about the car's condition. If you sell the car back to the dealership as a part of your trade-in, they will be able to estimate the value given the condition that the car is in. They will have a large amount of information in order to be able to give you fair value, due to the number of records they will have on your car.