4 Modern Custom Improvements To Complete Classic Auto Restorations

11 July 2018
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If you are doing a classic color restoration, there may be some modern improvements that you want to do while keeping your car looking original. You may want to consider improvements like installing the original radio with modern technology like Bluetooth and MP3. There are also improvements like adding acoustic insulation for better sound. Here are some modern custom improvements that will complete your classic auto restoration:

1. Improving Car Audio With Acoustic Insulation Upgrades

Acoustic insulation is something that is missing from classic cars. This is because the audio technology that is being installed in modern cars has greatly improved. To reduce vibration and improve sound quality in your car, audio acoustic insulation can be added in strategic areas. Some of the areas that need these improvements that most include the backseat panel, engine firewall, and beneath door panels.

2. Installing Retro Equipment With Integrated Modern Technology

There are also improvements that you may want to do to equipment like the center console, gauges, and radio. For the dash, consider retro-style digital gauges that preserve the look of your classic and add modern tech. In addition, there are options like AC controls and radios that preservice the retro look of older cars but have modern technology hidden inside.

3. Modern Antilock Brakes And Safety Equipment to Make Your Classic Safer

If you want your car to pass modern auto inspections, there are some upgrades that need to be done. You will want to consider improvements like updating the brakes with modern antilock brake systems. In addition, upgrade the safety restraints inside your car to make sure they meet modern standards, and your car will be safe if you ever get in an accident.

4. Adding Automation That Looks Like Original Features of Your Classic Car

Automation is another improvement that you will want to consider to update your car. This can be involved, and it will require wiring to be installed and the door panels to be reupholstered to make room for the modern controls. This is something that you will want to consider if you are already doing other improvements that require changes to door panels, such as adding speakers and acoustic insulation for audio upgrades.

These are some modern improvements to make over your classic car restoration. If you are getting ready to complete your restoration project, contact an auto inspection service to ensure your classic meets all modern safety standards and you can get it registered, get a tag, and get the classic car insurance coverage you need.