Tips For Getting Your Vehicle To Pass Its Next Smog Test

4 September 2018
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If you are concerned about your vehicle's ability to pass its required smog test so you can sell it or register it, then there are a few things you can do to improve its chances, including following each of these tips:

Tip: Have Your Car Professionally Tuned-Up Prior to Trying to Smog Test It

One of the best things you can do to improve your car's chances of passing a smog test is to take it to your mechanic for a thorough tune-up before you take it to the smog testing facility. Let your mechanic know you plan to have the vehicle smog tested in the near future so they can give a bit of extra attention to the car's emissions system while they work on it. 

Additionally, while your vehicle is in the shop for its tune-up, have the mechanic change all of its fluids. A car running on clean oil and other fluids will run cleaner and produce fewer emissions that could cause it to fail a smog test. 

Tip: Never Take Your Vehicle for a Smog Test with the Check Engine Light Illuminated

While you may be aware that the smog test is performed by placing a probe in your vehicle's tailpipe, you may not realize the testing technician will also check the car's dashboard to ensure the check engine light isn't illuminated. If the check engine light is on, then your car will automatically be failed. So, before taking your car to have a smog test performed, first, make sure you clear the check engine light with a scan tool if it is on, and make sure you have the underlying problem fixed. 

Tip: Run Your Vehicle on the Highway Prior to the Smog Test

When you run your vehicle on the highway, it heats up, and this heat helps clean out the emission system's carbon buildup. For this reason, you should always take your car for a long drive on the highway just prior to its smog test. 

Tip: Don't Wait Until the Day Before You Need the Smog Certificate to Have Your Vehicle Tested

Finally, it is important you don't wait until the last minute to have your car . Sometimes vehicles only need a simple fix in order to pass, and leaving the testing to the day before you need a smog certificate for a sale or registration is a surefire way to make yourself stressed out and frustrated if it doesn't pass. Having the smog test completed a week or two ahead of the date you need it will give you plenty of time to rectify any issues your vehicle needs before having it retested.

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