Three Questions To Ask Your Mechanic When Getting Work On An Older Car

13 October 2018
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Taking an older car in for servicing is a regular occurrence, even if the car is in great shape. As your car ages, you will need to pay attention to its systems, including the oil, engine, and the fluid systems that are running through the car. Taking your car in for servicing is actually an opportunity to speak to a mechanic and find out what is wrong with your vehicle. Here are three questions to ask a mechanic when you are getting work done on an older vehicle.

Are the tie rods in good condition?

When you are getting your tires rotated and your vehicle wheels aligned, that is the best time to inquire about the health of your tie rods. The tie rods of the car help to control the steering. If the tie rods begin to malfunction, controlling the direction of the vehicle will become difficult. This could present a dangerous situation if the rods disintegrate too much. Ask the mechanic to check out the tie rods when doing any under the hood work or alignment jobs so that you know the status of your steering. 

Are the hoses leaking or in need of replacement?

Hoses are often simple for mechanics to check. When you are getting an oil change or another under the hood service, you should first ask the mechanic to let you know the condition of the hoses. Leaking in the hoses can be undetectable by the driver until something goes wrong with the car. Hoses, such as the transmission fluid hoses, can cause a vehicle malfunction if the hoses begin to leak into the rest of the system. Get a health update on the hoses at least every six months to determine if you need any hose clamping or if you need to change out old hose systems. 

Are there signs of rust?

Rust on the frame of the car may not affect the engine, but it will affect whether or not you can safely drive the vehicle. If your vehicle has rust on the frame, the car could begin to break apart or crack. The amount of the costs can begin to climb rapidly if the rust spreads and you have to replace parts, such as whole doors or the roof of the vehicle. Ask the mechanic if there are any signs of rust after any service and immediately have the car treated to take away any spots of rust that are developing. 

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