Does Your Truck Need A Tuneup?

15 May 2019
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Your truck is a vital part of your livelihood. Whether you use your truck to get around town or you need this vehicle to haul equipment, go to work, or just use for fun out in the country, you want this hardy vehicle to stay operating well. When your truck needs a tuneup, you should get the vehicle into the shop as soon as you can.

Luckily, your truck will give you signs that there are problems before the unit breaks down for good. If your truck is giving you problems, go to your mechanic right away and look for these signs of your truck needing repairs in the meantime.

Sputtering when starting

Does your truck usually roar to life right away but is now sputtering and puttering, or starting and stalling? If you're having issues getting your truck running first thing in the morning, then you may be having issues with the starter, solenoid, steering column, alternator, or battery. A plethora of issues can cause your truck to not want to start, but you don't want to wait until the engine won't turn over at all to find out what is going on. Your mechanic will be quick to point out what's up with your truck and make repairs as needed.

Worsening gas mileage

Trucks in general are not known for excellent gas mileage. However, your truck can actually get worse gas mileage as issues progress, so make sure you keep an eye on how often you are filling up your gas tank. If your vehicle is using too much gas lately, there may be issues with the fuel system or other problems where your engine is using more energy than it should, which is a concern.

Have your mechanic inspect your truck to see what is going on. When you have your truck looked at, you can talk to your mechanic about your repair options to see if your budget will allow for all the needed repairs and tuneup needs at once, or if you can pay for the most important repairs first and make future tuneups down the road.

Your truck should be serviced regularly as instructed by your mechanic. Your tuneup needs are based on how many miles you put on your truck regularly, the way you drive, and other factors. When you take care of your truck properly, you give your vehicle a better chance at running great for years to come.

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