6 Ways To Ensure Your Teen Is Safe On The Road

4 June 2019
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The moment your child is finally old enough to drive is both an exciting and terrifying time. Although it feels good to see your teenager behind the wheel and perhaps even chauffeuring their siblings around town, the reality is that the number of teenagers involved in road accidents is frighteningly high.

Most parents want to do as much as they possibly can to reduce the chance of ever receiving that gut-wrenching phone call telling them that their teenager has been in an accident. There are several things that parents can do in that regard.

Be a Positive Road Model

It may surprise you but many teenagers' driving styles and behaviors are influenced by those of their parents or elder siblings. Therefore, even as you're quick to point out high-risk driving on their part, be sure that they're not learning it from you.

Know Who Is in Their Car When They're Driving

Many experts agree that the chances of a teenager being involved in a road accident are higher when there are other teenagers in the car. Therefore, you should be aware of who is in the car with your teenager when they're driving and you should also advise them on the risks that come with having friends as passengers.

Teach Them Regular Maintenance and Checks

Ensuring their car is well maintained isn't just something that you can teach your kids about, it's one of those things that they can actually get excited about. Teenagers take a lot of pride in their vehicles and with the right guidance, they can be just as enthusiastic about things such as tire repair, oil changes, checking their engines, etc. Help them find a good mechanic and go in for your first vehicle inspection together to make sure the vehicle is running well. Let your teen know they can come to you for help with any auto repair and maintenance needs, and choose a mechanic who is knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions your family has about vehicle safety.  

Choose a Safe Car

If you're the one buying the car for your teenager, choose something that is mechanically sound and safe. Obviously, high-powered vehicles aren't advisable since the temptation to engage in risky driving is much higher when behind the wheel of such a car.

Teach Them Proper Risk Management

Despite your best efforts, you can't always prevent your teenager from finding themselves in risky situations. However, you can teach them how to manage such situations better e.g. how to drive in poor road conditions, at night, when they're tired, etc.

Adopt a Zero Tolerance Policy

Drugs and alcohol are responsible for a high number of road accidents involving teenagers. Let your teenager know that driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be acceptable under any circumstance.

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