Taking Care of a Duramax Diesel Engine: Issues to Watch out For

25 November 2019
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The Duramax diesel engine is often chosen because it is reliable and durable. However, all engine models can have potential downsides. You will want to be aware of the potential problems you might face so you can be prepared to take care of your Duramax diesel engine.


When you are using your diesel engine on a hot summer day, you might experience the problem of your engine overheating. Not all motorists experience this, but if you do experience this problem, you will want to take your engine to a mechanic to inspect it. Most often, overheating will occur when towing a vehicle during the summer.

Air in the Fuel Lines

Air can sometimes become trapped inside the fuel lines. Duramax diesel engines do not use pumps. Instead, they rely on a vacuum that sucks the fuel from the tank. You will want to make sure that the engine you are purchasing is compatible with the truck, especially if you're using an older used truck.

Glow Plug Failure

One of the great things about newer Duramax diesel engine models is that the glow plug failure problem has been eliminated. On older models, when the glow plug model cycles too much, this leads to the plug deforming and breaking off. In extreme cases, this can lead to catastrophic engine failure. 

Exposed Injector Harness Wires

Make sure that the injector harness does not have wires that have become exposed. The injector harness can be vulnerable to chafing. As a result, you will want to make sure that the wiring harness is repaired or replaced when this problem occurs. 


One thing you won't have to worry about is the aluminum cylinder heads. Some motorists are concerned that aluminum is used for the cylinder head, but no problems have been found with using this type of cylinder. The design of the head bolt prevents it from lifting under the pressure that it is placed under. Aluminum is also a lightweight and corrosion-resistant material.

When you are aware of the common problems that are found with a Duramax diesel engine, you can enjoy the very high efficiency found with this type of engine. The high performance reduces the cost of operating a vehicle and also prolongs the life of the engine since it is subjected to less wear and tear. It also has plenty of power to haul items in a trailer.

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