Transmission Issues And Your Auto Repair Service

26 December 2019
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Transmission problems can occur at any time, but are more common as your vehicle gets older. A transmission can last more than seven years, and many car owners find that the transmission can last up to 200,000 miles. Good maintenance and prompt attention to transmission problems can help improve the longevity of your transmission and keep you from getting stranded while driving your vehicle. While the transmission warning light is a good indication that you need to bring your car to an auto transmission repair shop, problems changing gears and issues with picking up speed on the highway can mean that you need to have your transmission serviced.

Changing Gears and Transmission Problems

Your transmission controls the amount of power send to your wheels and which direction your wheels turn in. If you have trouble changing the gears on your vehicle, this can be caused by your transmission. When you are driving and your car won't go into the next gear automatically, you will hear your engine revving more than normal. The gear may change eventually, but you still need to bring your car in for transmission service.

When You Experience Delayed Engagement

Delayed engagement occurs when you put your car into gear and it doesn't go right away. You might put your car into drive and have to wait a second or two for the car to begin moving forward. While the delayed engagement may not always be this obvious, it indicates your transmission is having a problem that needs to be addressed. Low transmission fluid can be the problem, and this can be due to a transmission fluid leak.

Trouble Picking Up Speed

Getting up to speed is a common issue when your vehicle needs transmission work. If you are driving on the highway and it takes longer than normal to pick up speed, a number of issues can be the cause. You might have moisture in your gas tank, making it hard for your engine to work correctly. A hole in your exhaust system can make it hard to drive at full speed, as can the need for transmission repair. Bring your car in for service when it isn't driving like normal.

While your transmission might last for a long time, you have to pay attention to warning signs. If the warning light goes on, bring your vehicle in to an auto transmission repair shop like AAA Commercial Transmission immediately to assess what is going on with your vehicle.