Learn More About The Driveline, Other Components, And Repair Issues

26 May 2021
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When you are trying to learn more about your car and how it functions, you want to learn about the power train, the drivetrain, and the driveline. You also want to learn how to spot problems with them so you recognize it's time to get your car into the repair shop right away because these components play a very important role in the proper and safe running of your car. Here is more on this.

Understanding the powertrain, the drivetrain, and the driveline

The powertrain is the entire system that runs your car and this includes everything: the motor, the transmission, and the whole driveline and components. The drivetrain refers to the components of the powertrain, without the motor.  The driveline is the whole drivetrain, with the exception of the transmission. 

Understanding what the driveline does

Your driveline is the part that causes the axles to turn. The axles then turn the wheels of the car. It is directly connected to the transmission through universal joints. While it may sound simple and as if there isn't much the driveline is responsible, when you consider that if your axles don't turn and the wheels don't turn, then you will go nowhere, then it will suddenly become apparent that the driveline is a crucial component of your car. This is why you want to make sure that you are able to spot potential problems so you can have them fixed right away and keep your car reliable. 

Recognize some of the signs that there might be a problem with your driveline

One of the most common signs that can let you know that there may be an issue going on with your driveline is having your car vibrate when you start to push down in the gas pedal. If you do end up feeling the car vibrate as you press down on the gas pedal, then this can indicate that there is an issue with the center bearing. This vibration can also happen when you have a loose U-joint. As soon as you start to feel such a vibration, you are going to want to have your car looked at by a mechanic. 

Another thing that can start to happen that can let you know that there may be an issue with the driveline is that it can start to make a squeaking noise. The squeaking noise can indicate that the bearings are in need of lubrication. Or, it can mean that the U-joints are in need of lubrication. This may not sound serious, but ignoring the issue and not having them lubricated as soon as possible can, in fact, lead to major issues. If you notice issues with your driveline, reach out to driveline repair services.