What To Do When Your Car Suddenly Starts Pulling To One Side Of The Road When Driving

27 July 2021
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Cars, trucks, and SUVs have suspension and steering systems designed to help keep the vehicle under control and go straight until you turn the steering wheel. If you notice that your vehicle starts to pull to one side as you are driving, you may need to take it to an auto repair shop and have them inspect it for you.

Tires And Wheels

Sometimes the pulling feeling you are getting on the front of your car can result from a tire with low air pressure. If the tire is low and you add air, and after several days you notice the vehicle pulling again, you may need to take the car to an auto repair shop to get the tire checked. 

The tire may not be seated properly on the rim, allowing air to escape around the bead. Once the pressure is low enough, the tire may begin to pull to one side again. While it is a relatively simple cause, if it is not fixed, the tire may eventually stop sealing altogether and leave you with a flat tire because the bead seal was not repaired when it first started. 

Suspension System

Another very common cause of pulling in the front of your vehicle can be related to worn parts in the suspension system. If a ball joint is worn enough, the camber of the tire will be affected, and the tire will begin to lean in or out, causing the vehicle to pull to that side. 

Most cars have an upper and lower ball joint on each side of the vehicle, and any one of them could cause this issue. As the joint continues to wear, the problem can worsen, but an auto repair shop can inspect the suspension to determine if the ball joints are bad and replace them as needed. 

Once the new ball joints are in place, the car should no longer wander, but it is good to check the front alignment on the vehicle to be sure it is correct.

Steering System

The steering system on your vehicle has a set of tie rods that connect the steering rack to the wheels. Tie rod ends connect the tie rod to the steering knuckle, and they have a joint a lot like the ball joint that allows movement as the suspension goes up and down. 

The tie rod ends can wear and loosen, allowing slop and movement in the steering that can allow the car to drift and pull. The tie rod ends can be replaced to correct the issue, and the auto repair tech will often do an alignment on the car to ensure everything is true and the car will once again drive straight down the road.