Why You May Need To Do Repairs On Your Vehicle's Diesel Engine

9 March 2022
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Diesel engines are the predominant source of propulsion used in marine, agricultural, construction equipment. In automobiles, these engines are preferred for applications that require a greater level of power and efficiency than typical gasoline-powered versions can provide.

If you have a diesel engine vehicle, you should address problems immediately after they appear. Timely diesel repairs will help prevent small problems from turning into bigger problems that may be costly to fix.

Although many different factors can lead to a diesel engine malfunction, here are some common culprits you should watch out for.

Clogged Fuel Injector 

Your diesel vehicle's fuel injector works pretty much like the spray nozzle of a high-pressure hose, spraying a fine mist of pressurized fuel that mixes with air before it is delivered to the internal combustion chamber at an almost uniform rate.

A properly functioning fuel injector keeps the fuel clean and flowing nicely, allowing for efficient burning of the fuel-air mixture. If the injector is clogged with deposits, it can cause incomplete combustion of the mixture, resulting in increased fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Using high-quality diesel can reduce the rate at which deposits accumulate on your fuel injector. 

In most cases, clogged fuel injectors don't need to be replaced: they can be returned to good working order through intensive cleaning processes such as ultrasonic cleaning.

Dirty Engine Air Filter

The air supply to your engine may contain dust and other airborne contaminants that collect on the air filter over time, restricting airflow to the engine. Just as your fuel injector may be blocked with deposits, so too can your engine's air filter become clogged with airborne particles.

Engine air filters need to be replaced as per the time or mileage intervals suggested by vehicle manufacturers, but in some cases, early filter replacements may be necessary.

If your engine air filter gets dirty too soon, don't wait until the manufacturer-recommended time or mileage interval to replace it. Get it replaced immediately. Keep in mind that a regular cleaning between replacements can improve your vehicle's performance.

Dirty Engine Oil

The oil that your engine uses to ensure the smooth operation of its moving parts becomes dirty and degrades over time. When this happens, it loses its lubricating qualities, putting your engine at risk of damage due to excessive friction and heat.

To prevent accelerated wear and tear on your engine's internal components, you should remove dirty engine oil and replace it with fresh, quality oil.

Undertaking timely diesel repairs from a place like Elite Automotive is essential to keep your vehicle's engine in good working condition while extending its lifespan. While some repairs can be avoided by performing timely vehicle maintenance, others are unavoidable and will need to be done when the need arises.