Is Your Car Too Old For An Interval Mileage Check?

1 July 2022
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If your car's mileage is over 100,000, it may need mileage interval services soon. Every vehicle requires routine maintenance once it reaches a certain mileage, including older cars. Mileage interval services can keep older cars from breaking down unexpectedly on the road. Learn more about mileage interval services and how to service your vehicle below.

What Are Mileage Interval Services?

Like humans and everything else, vehicles age. Cars, trucks, and other vehicles can experience various issues as they age. Drivers can keep their vehicles running smoothly on the road with mileage interval services. 

Every time you drive your car, you increase the mileage on it. Once a car reaches a certain mileage, it requires some type of interval service. Interval services are things your car needs to keep the different systems inside it working properly, including the air conditioner, brakes, engine, ignition, and wheels.

Each system above requires specific things once your vehicle reaches a certain age. For example, your car may need a brake line check once it reaches 36,000 miles. You may need to check and repair your car's timing belt once the vehicle reaches 100,000 miles. If you skip the interval services for your car, it may succumb to age-related problems, such as stalling and poor fuel efficiency.

If you're ready to service your old car, visit an auto service provider today.

What Mileage Interval Services Does Your Car Need?

An auto service provider or mechanic will hook your car up to a special diagnostic device during the visit. The device looks for internal problems in your car, such as transmission and engine issues. The device also allows a service provider to find electrical problems in your vehicle. If a provider finds issues with your car, they may recommend solutions on how to remedy them.

If your car doesn't have any problems to solve, a provider will replace the coolant in your radiator. Coolant keeps the engine and other parts cool when you drive your car. A provider may use coolant made specifically for older vehicles. If you need clarification about the type of coolant your car needs, ask a mechanic immediately.

If you missed previous interval checks for your car, a provider may go ahead and complete them for you. The services may include changing your car's spark plugs, checking or rotating your car's tires, and inspecting your car's fuel system. You can always reschedule the services if you need to do so.

Learn more about mileage interval services by consulting an auto service provider today.