Tips To Keep Your Car's Brakes In Tip-Top Shape

19 October 2022
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You use them when you need to safely slow down or halt your car, but are you aware your brakes require regular checking to keep you safe on the road? 

Although they're relatively easy to use, the brakes on your car are complex systems with several mechanical parts. If one or more brake parts get damaged or worn out, your vehicle may lose its stopping power on the road, putting you and your passengers in harm's way. The best way to keep your brakes working reliably and safely is to use and maintain them well.

Here are some useful tips to keep them in good working order. 

Drive At Moderate Speeds

One surefire way to invite brake problems is to drive at great speeds. When you drive at a high speed, you may need to slam on your brakes to stop the vehicle quickly. As a result, the increased braking forces will cause your brakes to wear down faster.

Following the speed limit will give you enough reaction time when you need to slow down or stop the vehicle, minimizing unnecessary wear and tear on the brakes.

Decelerate With Your Foot Off The Gas Pedal

Hitting the brakes when you need to slow down moderately wastes gas but also increases wear and tear on the brakes. If you know your stopping distances and reaction times, you can decelerate by letting off the gas pedal instead of applying the brakes.

Use the brakes only when you must to keep them working well longer.

Get Your Brakes Checked Regularly

The brakes on your car require regular inspections and maintenance to remain in good working condition. As part of preventative vehicle maintenance, you should get your brakes checked and repaired before they start malfunctioning.

When you bring your car to a local auto service shop for a brake service check, they will check your brake fluid level and the condition of wear and tear components, including brake pads, rotor discs, calipers, and hoses.

A low brake fluid level is an indication of leaks within your braking system. The leaks must be detected and repaired before adding more brake fluid to the vehicle. On the other hand, damaged or worn-out brake parts may be repaired or replaced, depending on the type and extent of the problem.

Your brakes are a critical part of your vehicle's safety. That's why you shouldn't take them for granted. Visit a local auto mechanic shop for professional brake maintenance and repair services. For more information on brake services, contact a professional near you.