Car Dent Pullers — Investment Tips For Auto Body Shops

2 May 2023
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If you manage an auto body shop, dents are something you'll repair all the time. One of the best ways to remove dents is to use a car dent puller, which creates a suction and then lets you pull dents out in the opposite direction. If you plan to buy some of these pullers for your shop, remember these tips.

Make Sure the Suction Is Strong

In order for a dent puller to work around your automotive shop on a consistent basis, it needs to create a strong suction around the area where the dent is. Then you'll be able to pull this device with confidence, knowing it's going to remain secure until the dent has been popped out effectively.

You can assess this suction strength with ease if you find a way to test these pullers out in person. For instance, you can find some at auto expos and then see how they perform on vehicles with dents. You can put each puller to the test and then narrow your selection. 

Choose a Strong Plastic For the Material

Your auto shop may get dirty from time to time, but this isn't going to negatively impact your car dent pullers if you make sure they're made from a durable material. Plastics are a great option because of their ability to resist different elements. 

For instance, a car dent puller made of plastic can hold up to excessive moisture, dirt, and cold temperatures. You can thus leave these tools out and not worry about having to replace them any time soon.

Opt For a Quick-Release Feature

Once you effectively remove dents on vehicles with this tool, you want to be able to easily disengage it. You will if you find a car dent puller with a quick-release feature. 

After you've pulled a dent far enough out on a vehicle, you can press a trigger on this puller and it will stop creating a strong suction. You can then put this tool up until it's needed again for clients who have dents on various parts of their vehicles. 

If you run an auto body repair shop, you'll eventually need to invest in tools for this business. For dents, one of the most helpful pieces of equipment you could get is a dent puller. If you make sure it features durable materials and can create a strong suction, you can use this device successfully for a lot of dents that customers want you to remove. 

For more information on auto body repair, contact a professional near you.