Wheel Alignment For Beginners

10 November 2022
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New drivers are often faced with an onslaught of car maintenance terms when they get a car, and one of those is tire alignment. This process helps keep the car driving straight, but it's also often confused with balancing, and sometimes it becomes a neglected task. Tire alignment is one of the easier things to deal with on a car. Why Your Wheels and Tires Need to Be Aligned The tires on your car (and the wheels that the tires are placed on, but for simplicity's sake, " Read More 

Tips To Keep Your Car’s Brakes In Tip-Top Shape

19 October 2022
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You use them when you need to safely slow down or halt your car, but are you aware your brakes require regular checking to keep you safe on the road?  Although they're relatively easy to use, the brakes on your car are complex systems with several mechanical parts. If one or more brake parts get damaged or worn out, your vehicle may lose its stopping power on the road, putting you and your passengers in harm's way. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Key Programming

27 September 2022
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Car part and car theft may be a major concern to you as a vehicle owner. However, as intruders devise new ways of breaking into vehicles, car manufacturers continually innovate measures and technology to stay ahead. This includes the development of software used to program your car keys so that they are unique to your vehicle. While some may entrust a vehicle's security to inexpert methods of car key programming, it is essential to contact a professional auto locksmith to program your car keys, ensuring their effectiveness and uniqueness. Read More 

Can You Safely Repair A Heavy Duty Truck Tire?

22 August 2022
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Tire punctures and other damage can end a recreational trip quickly, but they're far more than a mild inconvenience for commercial drivers. A flat tire can leave you stranded, pushing you behind schedule and forcing you to wait for a replacement to arrive. Even worse, the cost of heavy-duty replacement tires can be prohibitive, further cutting your profits for the trip. Fortunately, it's often possible to repair even heavy-duty tires, although it's necessary to do so safely and correctly to ensure the repair is long-lasting. Read More 

What Are Tire Patches And Plugs And How Do You Use Them To Fix A Hole In A Tire Tread?

2 August 2022
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If you have a small puncture in your tire tread caused by driving over a nail or screw, it's important to have it repaired as soon as you can. Driving on a tire that's leaking air through a hole is dangerous since the air inside the tire helps support the weight of your car—if it all leaks out, your tire may be crushed and blow out while you're driving. Thankfully, tire repair is inexpensive and doesn't take very long. Read More